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For ObserveIT, who helps clients mitigate insider threats by implementing threat management solutions, White Light Visual engineered, produced and installed an intricate modular wall showcasing ObserveIT clients using the innovative Visual Magnetics system of magnet backing and a paintable ferrous-based primer that brings the entire wall to life.

Each panel uses a 1" thick Komatex substrate with a mounted graphic containing the client brandmark.  A total of 36 panels were produced to comprise the wall design utilizing a grid-like pattern.  On the back of each panel is mounted a high-intensity Visual Magnetics backer, capable of adhering the panel to the wall, and then some...  


But the uniqueness of the product begins when a heavy coat of a special ferrous-rich black primer is applied to the wall using a heavy-nap roller cover, creating a surface that attracts a magnetic material.  Atop the black primer, White Light Visual then applied two coats of the existing paint color from the space to bring the original wall back to its prior appearance.  Once the branded panel was brought in contact with the wall surface, it 'sticks' to the wall as if the wall was made of metal.  The result is a wall that can be completely updated and interchanged - or stripped completely empty - without any evidence a graphic installation was on the wall just 5 minutes prior.  This inventive system is ideal for modular, expanding graphic installations or wall that require quick change outs.

Visual Magnetics Primer


Topcoating Visual Magnetics
Bain Capital Plaque
Visual Magnetics Invisilok Magnet