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Established in 1849, Gorton's is about as well known as local institutions can be around these parts. Headquartered in Gloucester, MA, Gorton's Seafood is perhaps best known for the fish stick, that memorable and beloved fried-shaped fish that you either gobbled up, or passed on when you were younger, but Gorton's today is a very different company, with a rich heritage and deep roots on Cape Ann.  When Gorton's wanted to elevate the look of their home offices and add life and color to a common employee area and lounge, they set sail to locate the most expert partner they could find, also with a long-established reputation, and tapped White Light Visual to execute the transformation.  The cornerstone of the project was to deploy a long, floor-to-ceiling mural of Gloucester, MA Harbor's iconic Eastern Point Lighthouse, made famous as a feature landmark in many movies such as The Perfect Storm and others. The Gloucester fishing fleet, known worldwide, uses this picturesque landmark to guide their boats and trawlers to and from the safety of the port when venturing out to Stellwagen Bank, Jeffrey's Ledge, and Georges Bank further out to sea.  The floor of the space is a weathered wood texture, further typing into the subtleties of the image. While on-site, White Light Visual used the iconic Gloucester Fisherman Gorton Logo to sharpen up the look of a podium used in presentations and group meetings.​

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