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Enanta Pharmaceuticals

As one of the world’s forward-thinking biopharmaceutical companies making its home in the Boston area, Enanta has been committed to creating oral drugs to treat viral infections. In the marketplace for more than 25 years, and after experiencing rapid growth, the company recently expanded its headquarters in Watertown, MA at the storied Arsenal complex which was a major American arsenal built in 1816 along the Charles River. The site today is registered as a Historic Civil Engineering Landmarks and is also on the US National Register of Historic Places.


The multi-floor corporate workspace shares the aesthetics of a modern office, rich with glass expanses, contemporary interior design elements in lighting fixtures, technology and hardware blended beautifully with historic brick, steel beams, stone and period timbers.  The combination is striking in order to create a unique and compelling environment bathed in natural light and bright colorways.  Casual huddle rooms, private workspaces and an array of communal cafes, lounges and sitting areas invite collaboration and engagement.


For Enanta, working with Olson Lewis+ Architects, White Light Visual helped to engineer the experiential graphics package and then produced and installed the work as the retrofit was completed.  The executions included an expanse of custom murals in the Cafes, Lounges, hallways and third floor meeting spaces along with dimensional branding onto custom-created moss walls, Mission Statements and LED halo-lit logo forms.  Connecting the spaces were over 120 glass fronts where White Light Visual printed archival images from the historic Arsenal complex in black and white along with bands of translucent white to strike balances of privacy and visibility throughout.  Completed, this is one of the more impactful and sophisticated graphics packages in the White Light Visual portfolio today.

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