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Cape Ann Museum

The Cape Ann Museum has been in existence since the 1870s, working to preserve and celebrate the history and culture of the area and to keep it relevant to today’s audiences. In June 2021, the Museum will officially open the 12,000 square-foot Janet and Ellery James Center at the Cape Ann Museum Green and tapped White Light Visual to produce and install seven 14' x 14' banners on the exterior of the state-of-the-art storage building that will serve as a new gallery space and storage facility for the Museum's expanding collection. The installation of banners is an integral part of the Museum’s bold vision behind the creation of the new Cape Ann Museum Green.  “These new banners at the James Center reflect the wonderful breadth of the Museum’s collections, highlighting key works that celebrate the history and remarkable contributions of Cape Ann to the cultural enhancement of our community and the world at large,” said Oliver Barker, the Museum’s Director.

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