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For Rapid7White Light Visual has supported the global cyber security leader in extending the branding of their expansive Causeway Street, Boston headquarters by producing and installing murals, glass films and cut vinyl elements along with modular and framed prints.  On the 4th floor lobby entry, White Light Visual engineered, produced and installed an extensive display of Rapid7 intellectual property patents in a unique Patent Wall  using powder-coated metal rails and hardware and custom fabricated frosted acrylic panels. The modular display, designed by Interior Architects, will be expanded as more patents are granted by the USPTO.

As Rapid7 worked to emerge from global workplace shutdowns amid Covid-19, White Light Visual was tapped to produce, install and fulfill Covid signage elements to help create safer workspaces for Rapid7's 16 global locations, including Boston.  These included conference room capacity decals, floor decals, seat-blocking signage, physical distancing graphics along with cleaning and traffic pattern signage.  As employees and teams slowly come back to the spaces where they have enjoyed collaborating with colleagues, more and more, workplace safety, new protocols and patterns are being adopted to ensure the well being of employees and guests.  Despite the precautionary nature of the signage, the design and deployment still presented opportunities to celebrate their interior design palette and branding.

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