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Healthy Finance: White Light Makes Return Engagement to Dress Up Boston's Federal Reserve Bank

Partnering with Scott Love Design, White Light Visual dropped in on Boston's Federal Reserve Bank to lend expertise to enhance the new Fitness Facility at 600 Atlantic Avenue. Visitors to the builiding will be impressed with the high security of one of the areas venerable financial institutions, but should they have the privilege to work in the building, they may visit the new fitness center complete with spinning studio along with cardio and weight training areas.

Dimensional steel logo
Boston Federal Reserve Bank B FIT Dimensional Steel Element

The environmental graphics consisted of an elaborate cut-steel dimensional "B-FIT" logo, murals capes for the spinning area, graphic panels and a hand-stenciled wall used for tossing weighted balls for cross-fit regimens.

The most challenging element was the hand-stenciling of rectangular bands and lettering on what provided to be a heavily-imperfect concrete wall, full of texture and undulations. Using low-tack vinyl as a stenciling template, White Light's David Silva painted the artistic messaging on the blue wall.

Abstract bicycling halftone images, large cut vinyl lettering and framed graphic panels came together to further celebrate the space and lend visual energy to the bustling new hot spot for staying in shape.

Boston Federal Reserve Spin Studio

White Light Visual Graphics at Boston's Federal Reserve

Wall Ball at Boston's Federal Reserve

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