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Go Big Green. White Light Visual Delivers Super Graphics for an Ivy League Athletic Masterpiece.

The New Indoor Practice facility at Dartmouth College

In Hanover, New Hampshire, Engelberth Construction has just completed the 70,000 s.f. Indoor Practice Facility (IPF) for Dartmouth College, capping a 1-year fast-track project for the Ivy League's northernmost school and a new indoor venue where 8 teams can hone their competitive skills, summer or winter, rain or shine and day or night.

Securing the bid for the super graphics, White Light Visual produced and installed over 10,000 square feet of murals using high-resolutionn imaging on Ultraflex Bali Hai vinyl media. Two murals that adorn the North and South walls of the facility measured 25' x 200' marking some of the largest seamless murals ever completed in the trade and we installed in vertical sections of 50" panels utilizing double-cut seams. Another mural in the space was a 2-story stairwell from the main lobby to the practice field level which was further adorned with satin aluminum 1/2" letters with custom Dartmouth Green painted returns.

Creative for the project was driven by the architect-of-record, Sasaki (Watertown, MA) who designed the facility and has deep experience in higher education projects throughout the region. The graphics all share a common evergreen tree theme (called the Dartmouth Lone Pine) which dates back to the early 1800's as a symbol of heritage and strength for the "Old Pine" that once stood behind the infamous observatory. The images are rich with black and green and celebrate the magestic conifers that are indigenous to Hanover, NH and northern New England.

The murals that reach 35' above the practice field floor incorporate branding elements and were installed using massive scissor lifts, working top-to-bottom is 25' tall panels.

Running along the entire East wall are a series of eleven 15' x 25' scrim vinyl banners spelling out D-A-R-T-M-O-U-T-H, further carrying the Lone Pine motif. The bannerrs are custom notched to fit around steel bracings and tensioned is recessed bays for a clean look.

In the grand lobby, set against a vertical cement plank wall, hangs a nearly 8-foot dimensional and LED-illuminated D logo sign where spectators can lounge or watch practice below from an elevated mezzanine.

Located next to the Boss Center and Burnham Field, the new Indoor Practice facility takes its place among collegiate greatness for forward-thinking athletic preparation venues. Eight teams —men’s and women’s lacrosse, men’s and women’s soccer, football, baseball, softball and women’s rugby— will access the space and hone their advanced skills on the simulated turf surface.

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