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Custom-Colored Film Workout: White Light Restores Glass Graphics for Busy YMCA

As a long-standing member of the community for over 30 years, White Light is a go-to partner to keeping things local and helping institutions keep their brands fresh. When the busy YMCA in downtown Salem needed help restoring some old faded graphic films in their busy cardio and weight training studio, they called White Light to make sense of how to do it.

The old film had been destroyed by the exposure to the sun and had not been rated to withstand the UV light or the swings in temperature, lifting from the glass in the corners and inviting idle hands to pick at the edges. But to determine just what the custom colors were printed on, if printed at all, and exactly what sort of film was used was a mystery - the catch was that these 4 windows and 15 panes of glass ended to match an adjacent row of windows that had yet to fail.

Failed window film at the local YMCA.
Wonky window film at the YMCA

Using a bracketed color testing method, White Light Visual used a range of Pantone colors from the National YMCA brand standards and began to dial in CMYK values for the color matches as well as opacities, and through a process of printing ranges of each color on the actual window film to be used (in his case Oracal Dusted Glass 8710) the exact colors and translucencies came into view. Running the prints on an HP Latex printer which offers high UV resistance and color fastness each set of window film was printed and then custom-color matched YMCA logos were printed, cut, weeded and masked for installation.

The results were a completely accurate match to the building's east wall and restored the original color and integrity to the studio. Unlike the existing film, the Oracal Dusted Crystal also looks the same from both sides of the glass, creating the same color saturation from the outside view as well as the inside.

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