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Sitting on the Dock of the Bay: GMGI Settles into New Headquarters on Gloucester Harbor.

At 417 Main Street in Gloucester, Windover Construction just put the finishing touches on an iconic new building just feet from the active Gloucester Harbor docks and the world renowned fishing flat that heads east to the George's Bank, Gulf of Maine and way out to the Flemish Cap off Newfoundland. This 18,500 square foot development is a cornerstone of projects designed to revitalize the historic waterfront and the newest tenant is the Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI).

GMGI was launched in 2013 in the belief that the ocean represents a new source of opportunity. As a not-for-profit whose ambitious mission is “to conduct world-class marine biotechnology research." The new headquarters is home to crisp lab spaces, and expanses of glass.

For Windover, White Light Visual completed extensive signage and branding elements including 44" tall acrylic letters for the building exterior, a 14' long adhesive vinyl iconic cod fish symbol that serves as GMGI's key branding elements. ADA signage and room demarkation plaques were produced and installed for the entire building, including special GMGI signage that connects to the interior door color and texture palettes.

An exterior ground sign, fit for an additional 3 tenants, was also designed and produced by White Light using plasma-cut aluminum, welded panels and custom color matched to the building facade and materials at 417 Main Street.

The exterior sign was installed between two on-site dock pilings driven into the ground by Windover Construction and the sign was custom fabricated to carefully fit between the poles.

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