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The World's a Stage: White Light Visual Teams Up with Lee Kennedy Construction and Boston College.

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Boston College is booming with construction projects, a soaring nationally-renowned reputation and a brand that captures a long and rich history of higher education. And Lee Kennedy Construction (Quincy, MA) is one of the regions premier construction houses that have exceptional and extensive high profile projects for Harvard, Simmons, MIT, Simmons, Salem State, Boston Public library and Suffolk University just to name a few.

But few things on a construction site are more visually uninspired than a staging tower and Lee Kennedy engaged White Light Visual to turn Boston College's Carney Hall 4-story tower into something the BC community could enjoy looking at for the next 9 months. The tower and perimeter fencing showcase extensive renovations to Boston College's Carney Hall and create sharp branding and color to an otherwise busy construction zone.

White Light Visual designed and installed massive 40' sections of carefully engineered 11-ounce mesh scrim, to seamlessly 'wrap' the tower on all 3 sides and artfully envelop an ugly debris chute to make it visually vanish.

Boston College's Carney Hall


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