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Northern Bank's Branding Build: White Light Visual Helps Bolster Business Bank's Presence at

Since 1960 Northern Bank & Trust has been the choice of business owners for exceptional support and service in order to grow and flourish in today's changing and challenging business environments. Exhibiting at small shows and events throughout the year, Northern Bank's presence at these venues was a limited to a table cloth, brochures and branded items carried to and from hotels and conference centers by the business managers or marketing staff.

With a growing business and invigorated brand and plan, Northern Bank came to White Light Visual to shop a range or portable displays, modular exhibit possibilities and a fresh design. One of the first items that drew Northern's attention was the Expolinc Pop-Up Magnetic Display that features a great deal of functionality and ease-of-use in a smartly-engineered package. The portable booth that packs and transports in a rigid plastic wheeled case sets up to cover a traditional 10' space and works well with either a table or podium counter such as the Expolinc Case and Counter unit.

Northern Bank's 10' x 20' Trade Show Booth 2018

But in order to make a bigger splash and set themselves apart from their competitors, Northern Bank wanted a more sophisticated and elegant presence to take up a 10' x 20' booth space at a couple higher-profile shows throughout the year and tapped White Light and Interex (Amesbury, MA) to design, engineer, fabricate and produce a custom booth complete with padded flooring, stretch-fabric and LED illuminated back wall, custom cabinetry and LED monitor.

The booth is a custom-built unit complete with refrigerator for refreshments, power outlets, custom resin stools and acrylic table tops that sing a certain cleanliness, contemporary design and a high-level of fit and finish reflective of the brand's attention-to-detail.

Northern Bank Expolinc Pop-Up Magnetic Booth.

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