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White Light Visual Designs Dramatic New Entrance Signage for a North Shore Landmark.

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Along the Danvers River in Danvers, MA, there is a property known by many as a prime venue for weddings, retirement parties, corporate functions and even proms. To others, it's been a landmark destination for summer boating, boat slips and a safe port when easterly winds blow in from offshore. For years and years, the venue was known as the Danversport Yacht Club and it was a one-stop spot for access to the water, the mooring of your boat, a place to eat and drink as well as the occasional party.

When Dan Delorenzo and his family, now third-generation owners of this iconic business, set out to retool their brand and reposition their diverse businesses, one of the first things they did was to separate the well-known Danversport Yacht Club from the Functions venue by separating entrances to the sprawling property. At the same time, large renovations and updates to the decor and landscape paved the way for a more premium and unified space and a commitment to rebranding to "Danversport Weddings & Events" from "Danversport Yacht Club" aided the vision by removing the misconceptions that one needed to either be a member - or have a boat - to enjoy what they had to offer.

A new logo was developed to better reflect a more upscale style - more minimalistic with flowing serif fonts, crisp and clean off-white and black, reminiscent of a dinner jacket and tie. But that was for the corporate stationery and print materials... the occasional wedding advertising and marketing and an all-new website. But what about the grand entrance to the property and a replacement to the old and uninspired signage that greeted visitors for years and had an audience of thousands of cars each day driving east or west down busy Route 62 to and from route 128. - a mish-mash of pieces and hard-to-discern from driving by just what was down the driveway.

Old Danversport Yacht Club Sign

The Old Danversport Yacht Club Sign at Route 62, Danvers, MA

Meetings between White Light Visual and Principals at Danversport yielded that the sign needed to look upscale - like a hotel property - with elegance. The messaging had to be dramatically simplified and unified. This was the site for Weddings and Events and the new sign would stand for years and years to come. It would become a landmark in itself.

White Light got to work laying out 2-dimensional designs, integrating elements of water and sky using sweeping curves and stark coloring. A finalist emerged and dimensional renderings were done eliminating the undersized wall and landscape plantings in lieu of a more grand presentation with the required mass to have the right impact. The sign would use LED channel lettering and elegantly glow in the evenings with crisp light.

Danversport Rendering

Design rendering of new Danversport sign by White Light Visual.

The sign then went to scaled drawings and was engineered, fabricated and installed atop a custom-built masonry fieldstone pediment set to mimic the existing retaining walls. Installed in December 2017, the new sign represents and instance where the design, renderings and physical unit are nearly identical. Dan Delorenzo and his family love the results "Everyone loves the final sign and we have been getting a stream of great comments. We think it came out awesome and it is sending our brand in the direction we want to go. Thanks so much for your expertise and putting us on track."

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