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When the Canvas is Brick, Try Something that Sticks: White Light Visual Delivers a Striking 'Sel

To say that Merrimack College in North Andover, MA is growing would be an understatement. This college of 3200 students is a hot institution fresh off being named one of the Best Colleges by U.S. News and World Report. The draw? It's 25 minutes north of Boston, vibrant and diverse and has a compact, picturesque campus dotted with brick buildings and tree-lined walkways.

As a long-time client of White Light, Merrimack College is a wonderful canvas for high impact work such as the new 'selfie wall' recently deployed on the side of the College's Rogers center (theatre). This otherwise unassuming and blank brick facade of nearly 20' x 40' was transformed into a powerful backdrop for many of the students' spontaneous activities; Posing for selfies with friends for social networking posts and albums. Using 3M vinyl and high-resolution printing, plus an intricate and specialized installation method of activating pressure-sensitive adhesive with heat guns, the flexible print conforms to the texture of the brick surface and creates a seamless, seemingly one-piece graphic designed to last years.

Merrimack College Selfie Wall 1

The result has billboard-like impact while not introducing additional graphic panels or hardware, and if so desired, the building's facade can be returned to its original state at any time.

Merrimack College Selfie Wall 2

The design, completed by Pangaro Beer Design, showcases Merrimack branding colors and landmark features for quick identification and for inspired selfies.

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