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Birdseye Bullseye: Creating Unique - Very Unique - Dimensional Letters for an Industry Leader

In environmental graphics, the projects that receive the most attention are often the ones that are the most unique.

We are fortunate enough to have a very discerning, industry-leading client that strives to create one-of-a-kind works of art when it comes to environmental graphics and signage. To that end, this client went to the length of constructing offices using custom-milled birdseye maple panels, showcasing stunning grain patterns - the kind of grain and radiance found on a vintage Gibson Les Paul or handcrafted heirloom furniture. When they came to White Light to create a striking logo wall, sensitive to the birdseye maple to which it was to be applied, and connecting to a range of stainless steel and glass used in the space, we got to work designing and fabricating hollow, dimensional stainless letters, complete with LED lighting at the back of the letters to create a glow effect on the surface.

Hollow Stainless Steel Letters with Waterfall Graining

The letters were fashioned from stainless steel, with 'waterfall' graining that is designed to fall of the facing surface, down the sides of the letters. To that surface, and working with Premier Builders out of Georgetown, MA (that did the millwork on the birdseye maple paneling) we sourced the sought-after veneer from West Virginia and mounted that to the surface of the stainless.

The grain patterning was matched to the graining on the existing wall to help the letters achieve an "embossed out of the wall" effect. This was done by aligning the grain from the raw sheet against the grain on the wall, and then imposing the individual letters and marking that grain.

Once fabricated, the maple grain on the letters was then hand-dyed to a tone matching the existing color of the wall that had been in place, and ambering, for the past 18 months. After the color was dialed in, the letters were finish lacquered to match the gloss of the wall and to protect the maple. With LED lighting added inside each letter, and an electrical whip set to connect to a low-voltage transformer, the delicate and unique elements were ready for installation.

Hand-dyed and lacquered

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