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Coming Attractions: Mesh Banners Beautify Construction Sites and Lend Imagination to the Future.

Under the bustle of heavy equipment, a sea of work trucks and piles of dirt, many construction companies and developers have a hard time putting a shine of their latest work to draw excitement and build imagination among neighbors, passersby and prospective tenants.

As large and grand-format processes get faster and even better, digitally printing on fence mesh and scrim vinyl provide raw construction zones with new inspiration to help showcase the finished product by creating long runs of perimeter fence screening that inspire while at the same time provide 24/7 advertising and marketing opportunities for the developer, landlord and tenants.

Fence mesh is available in various grades of gauge and quality and typically comes in a 60/40 or 70/30 proportion of negative to positive space (see through) to allow a level of visibility from both sides. The perimeter mesh is traditionally printed and faced one-side towards the viewing public and is often run in continuous lengths around the safety fence perimeter that surrounds active construction zones.

Windover Construction's and Beverly Crossing's development of a multi-use space at 131 Rantoul Street. Perimeter fence mesh is printed full color and is marketed towards prospective tenants of the space for residence, retail and office.

Other perimeter signage and banners can add color and contrast to stereotypically messy construction sites and provide some suspense as the project gains momentum. Still, other strategies assist developers with branding their projects and getting a jump start on marketing their properties for future sales or leasing.

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