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Endicott College's Peter Frates Hall: Inspiration for the Generations

Peter Frates, wife Julie and Daughter Lucy

Growing up in Beverly, MA, Peter Frates was like any other boy - and no other boy - as those closest to him will attest. He was bright, outgoing, athletic and laser-focused on being his best from an early age. He played three sports through his high school years at St. John's Prep in nearby Danvers and was fueled by the spirit of competition on the field and within himself. To follow his early story, he had paved a road for himself by excelling in academics and sport and earned himself a trip to Boston College where he would later captain the baseball team. The graduation, advancing into professional baseball, a career, a soon-to-be-wife, and then it all changed abruptly at age 27.

Pete was diagnosed with ALS - a disease that has no cure and virtually no treatment. A certain death sentence within 5 years as his body progressively failed him and left his mind completely aware - he'll tell you even more aware - as the years passed. Yet with a rapidly deteriorating physical presence, Pete set out to 'change the world' as his brother Andrew stated, and raise awareness and funding for ALS research to one day find a cure. When he heard of someone dumping bucket of ice and water on their heads to challenge another to do something sensational for effect, Pete adopted the Ice Bucket Challenge and with his network, turned it into the most successful and far-reaching viral fundraising campaign in history, generating hundreds of millions of dollars in charity towards ALS research and garnering billions of views on social media. With this and many other efforts made by Pete Frates and his family, scientists and the medical community are closing in on a cure for ALS. Pete Frates in a household name and his boundless determination and courage in the face of an unspeakable reality inspires anyone fortunate enough to be touched by his work.

Endicott College, a small liberal arts college in Beverly has been close to its community for years and also touched by Pete's reach. So much in fact, that they built a 220-bed state-of-the-art dormitory for incoming Freshman and dedicated it in Pete's name to live on for decades as a testament to what a person can accomplish. Endicott, along with architects Seimasko + Verbridge, turned to White Light Visual to design and install an environmental graphics piece in the lobby worthy of the collective work and inspiration that made it all possible. Ibn early September 2016, a ceremony unveiled the new dorm and thousands of attendees got to tour the facility and view the installation in the lobby that pays deep respect for the dorm's namesake. Wall-to-ceiling murals, dimensional contour-cut plexiglass and dimensional elements combined for a stunning, museum-quality showcase to Peter Frates, his life and work, and his inspiration: Lou Gehrig, who more than 80 years later received the same devastating news, but also chose to live courage and character, and a gratitude for what life could, and had, provided.

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