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That's Cherry! Dressing up national showrooms with Thomas Moser.

For over 40 years, Thomas Moser has been making artisan, handcrafted furniture inspired by Shaker, Queen Anne, Pennsylvania Dutch and other timeless antique forms. From spiral stairs to a waterwheel, from wooden canteens to a harpsichord, the company's position remains today that, "if it's made of wood, we can do it." Over the years, Thomas Moser's furniture has been synthesized into a coherent and unified body of work spanning many design genres for the home, office and academic environment.

Thomas Moser furniture is of uncompromising quality, crafted from gorgeous cherry, hand finished with delicate, sweeping curves and detail. The pieces are extraordinary and are widely recognized as heirlooms passed down generations. With showrooms in Maine, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Washington and San Francisco, the retail spaces are also of discerning quality and location. Thos. Moser came to White Light to produce graphics and graphic elements at the level of quality and finishing they expect of their products. White Light has used Visual Magnetics systems with changeable graphics, dimensional lettering and logo elements along with custom produced stretched canvases and frames that hang on showroom walls. The aesthetic qualities of the supple canvas and minimalistic decor of the urban spaces combine for a real environment like no other.

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