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Stairway to Wow. Polished plexiglass adds high-level of sophistication to Gordon College messaging.

In Wenham, Massachusetts, Gordon College's campus is well regarded to be a place of natural beauty and architectural excellence. The student body is ever-broadening in geography and culture and the Gordon brand is known worldwide as an institution of exceptional quality. These equities have been a great fit for White Light Visual and our partnership with Gordon dates back many, many years.

To add the kind of visual touch reflective of the Gordon brand's reach, White Light was called upon to engineer, produce and install a series of coordinated acrylic panels to showcase the success of Gordon graduates in the work force and the success of students embarking on a lifetime of achievements. 1/4" polished plexiglass panels with high-resolution mounts prints, coupled with cut vinyl lettering and captions - along with a staggered and playful panel layout laid the foundation for a powerful visual installation. The acrylic panels are enhanced by the location's abundant natural light, set off by understated architectural standoffs that lend further dimensionality.

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