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Gordon College Timeline in Polished Plexiglass: A one-of-a-kind story

The history of Gordon College in Denham, MA is a storied one, dating back to 1889. When a long wall at the Lane Center was commissioned to tell that story, Gordon's Design Center staff - a long-time partner of White Light Visual, came to White Light to give this timeline the life it deserved. Much of the timeline wall is constructed of high-resolution images mounted to carefully contour-cut and polished 1/4" P-90 plexiglass - an acrylic that replicates tempered glass, complete with an aqua-edge that catches and reflects light.

Multiple layers of quad-tone images serve as visual markers in chronicling the college's history and founding iconic figures. The production and installation were about as complex as acrylic panels can be, held in place with a hidden fastening system.

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