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Visualizing a space: Engineering, designing, producing and installing custom floor graphics at 160 F

The business of building out, marketing and leasing space in a corporate high rise is heavy lifting in a competitive economy and market. When Boston Capital Partners set to showcase work life at 160 Federal Street in Boston, White Light stepped up as partner to help execute a complicated and sophisticated concept to 'skin' the floors on a show floor with 3M graphics to leverage two things: 1) The orientation of the space to the city surroundings just outside the glass windows and 2) to illustrate how the space could be set-up for a prospective company complete with work stations and traffic areas.

160 Federal Street, Boston, MA

Using maps of the city, along with a compass of the interior space, White Light built scale maps of the city streets below, completely oriented to actual landmarks surrounding the space so a prospective tenant could travel through the space and gaze out at the city below to find the romance of their possible, future work site. Look out east to see the Boston Public Garden in the distance. Gaze north towards Logan Airport and the North Shore.

using 3M floor graphic media, along with a laminate engineered for foot traffic and safety, White Light applied the large graphic sections together, seaming them together to create expansive image. The space turned out to be an impressive and understated marketing piece that got the premises under lease in short order.

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