Merck Cambridge

Merck expanded in Cambridge, MA with the opening of its new Exploratory Science Center (ESC) -- a cutting edge facility that will focus on early discovery research and fuel early scientific exploration.  Merck partnered with White Light for the creation and installation of a wide range of materials, dimensional elements, unique glass graphics along with rich and colorful gloss plexiglass panels to adorn their bright, high-energy and high-traffic spaces.

The extensive 'bacteria' graphics pictured above are created from images  using Merck proprietary crystalography techniques and the shapes were used to create a dramatic presentation across multiple panes of glass separated hallway and employee break room spaces.  The results are certain conversation starters.  Elsewhere throughout the space, White Light produced and installed custom-cut  edge-polished graphic panels showcasing brand, images and researchers, adding a vibrancy and contemporary style that connects to the Merck brand standards today.

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