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Wareham Elementary School

A Fusion of Creativity and Learning.

In collaboration with Mount Vernon Group Architects and Agostini Bacon Construction, White Light Visual played a pivotal role in the development of the school, entrusted with the task of designing captivating and vibrant murals and supergraphics for key areas such as the lobby, gymnasium, and cafetorium. These visually striking elements celebrate the local community and complement the building's refined interior design. The murals showcase a diverse range of themes, each captivating in its own way. From capturing the spirit of athletics and movement to paying homage to the coastal community of Wareham and Cape Cod, the artwork also integrates elements that reinforce various academic disciplines like science, math, arts, and technology. White Light Visual has meticulously designed, produced, and installed extensive murals that bring the spaces to life, providing an inspiring and engaging environment for students.

Among the standout features of the project is the two-story entry lobby wall. Designed by White Light Visual, this impressive installation was produced using high-pressure laminate panels. These panels have been engineered to withstand the rigors of school life, ensuring their durability despite constant interaction with curious young minds. Since its opening in January 2022, Wareham Elementary School has become a hub of inspiration, creativity, and learning. The innovative architecture and captivating visuals have transformed the educational experience for students and staff, fostering a dynamic atmosphere for growth and discovery.

Project Gallery

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