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Non-conformity for the Expert in Uniforms.

UniFirst partnered with White Light Visual and SV Design to create and produce captivating and modern visuals that celebrate the company's expansion in human resources and new lobby spaces. The visuals incorporated an abstract portrait of the company's founder, Aldo Croatti, along with vibrant branding elements that harmonize with the interior design palette. As a final touch to their headquarters HR expansion in Wilmington, Massachusetts, a colossal mural measuring 42 feet in height was installed. This colorful mural graces the main hallway, which is traversed by hundreds of employees daily. Spanning 11 feet in width and 44 feet in length, the mural showcases the iconic Boston skyline as seen from the historic Longfellow Bridge, providing a striking backdrop for one of UniFirst's distinctive fleet trucks as it makes its way to Cambridge, MA.

Project Gallery

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