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Cape Ann Museum

Finesse for Fine Art.

The Cape Ann Museum is a revered institution with a rich history dating back to the 1870s committed to safeguarding, sharing, and exhibiting some of the finest artists and works of art known worldwide. White Light Visual has been a valued graphics partner to CAM for years and is supporting the museum as the Edward Hopper exhibition is set to begin in July 2023. The work began with a grand-format building banner to preview the exhibition followed by gallery-supporting graphics, signage, wall lettering, and directories.

In June 2021, the Museum opened the Janet and Ellery James Center, a splendid 12,000-square-foot space nestled within the Cape Ann Museum Green. To embellish this state-of-the-art storage facility and gallery space, the Museum has engaged the expertise of White Light Visual, who undertook the production and installation of seven magnificent 14' x 14' banners on its exterior each depicting different masterpiece paintings held by the museum that captivate the imagination of visitors and emphasize the invaluable cultural legacy that is Cape Ann.

Project Gallery

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